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"Lawrence Township Administration"



Business Overview

Township government of Tuscarawas county, Ohio

Products and Services Overview

Groups and organizations may rent the Lawrence Township Charles E. Lundenberger Hall meeting room for small events. The venue offers a maximum capacity of 50 persons and is handicap accessible.

The link below provides the application/permit.


The present site of Lawrence Township was at first an important crossing of the north-south and east-west trails as explorers, traders, and settlers came to the Ohio Country. The Indian capital of Tuscarawai was situated near the present town of Bolivar in the 1750’s.

Christopher Gist, an agent for the Ohio Company of Virginia stopped at this town in 1750, and found a white trader named George Croghan living there. There was much evidence that the French had visited the area and had attempted to stir up the Indians against the English during the French and Indian War. Rev. Christian Frederick Post, the first Moravian missionary among the Indians of Ohio, visited the town of Tuscarawas in 1758 as the agent from the Governor of Pennsylvania to the Delawares and the other Indian tribes, and tried to have them desert the French. This resulted in the French abandoning Fort Duquesne, which was taken over by the British and renamed Fort Pitt. This is at the present site of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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Lawrence Township Administration & Zoning Office

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