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Tuscarawas (Tusky) Valley Ohio Communities Directory was  developed to serve and promote the Tuscarawas river Muskingum watershed region due to it's early American history as the Northwest Territory of 1787. As the Tuscarawas (Tusky) Valley Ohio Communities Directory became established and additional features like classified advertising and several Amish country businesses became integrated, we've expanded the definition of our Tuscarawas Valley Directory to include not only Tuscarawas county, but also, our surrounding counties which include: Stark, Carroll, Harrison, Guernsey, Coshocton, & Holmes counties of Ohio.

Tuscarawas (Tusky) Valley Ohio Communities Directory is now running in a secure HTTPS web server environment so we may offer FREE classified advertising, events calendar, on-line chat help, secure shopping and a huge search-able database of businesses for our visitors!

Welcome to Tuscarawas Valley, Ohio

Tecumseh Indian chief

Tuscarawas Valley Ohio Communities Directory welcomes you! We have developed our site with a focus on the rich American history of the entire Tuscarawas Valley Ohio region. Chances are,  the information we provide is more accurate and detailed than the printed Yellow Pages telephone book or any on-line resource!



Historical Information Wanted!

old tuscarawas county mapWe welcome any articles, old photographs or historical resources related to Tuscarawas county, Ohio, that we may archive the rich American history of the Tuscarawas Valley, Ohio region!

Thank you for visiting!

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Joe Rinehart, publisher & webmaster


We're pleased to present our new and improved calendar of events for the Tuscarawas (Tusky) Valley Ohio region at URL:

Tusky valley ohio events

Our licensed JEvents calendar software allows us to import or export iCal format and allow webcal (Calendar subscriptions). We may also implement CSV based importing of events. We've already imported all known available i

Cal calendars throughout the Tuscarawas (Tusky) Valley Ohio region which are also updated automatically daily. This allows us to offer the most complete one-stop calendar for events throughout the region!

While we are interested in freely importing calendars that may help as many people as possible, we also offer clubs and organizations the ability to publish their events which may include photographs, for a modest fee (3 events for $1.00). In fact, our calendar software has the ability to assist in on-line paid or free event registrations, and even offer reminders for event subscribers.

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The Coffee News of East-Central Ohio

What is Coffee News?

Coffee News is a weekly publication delivered to restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, and anywhere people go to have a bite to eat. Coffee News has the week's funniest and most unusual news stories, jokes, trivia, amazing facts, and more.

Wheeling and Lake Erie yards Brewster Ohio 1910Matt Arnold of Bolivar, Ohio maintains a special passion for photographing anything railroad related. Matt is an honor student at the Tuscarawas Valley high school and has been recognized for this photographic skills. Matt has shared a few of his favorite photographs taken throughout our Tuscarawas Valley Ohio communities and we hope you enjoy the show... Thank you Matt!

The Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad has over 100 years of history within the Tuscarawas Valley Ohio region! We are currently in the process of researching the history of the transportation industries of our Tuscarawas Valley and hope to add much more to this page as we learn.

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Bingo Balls in Tuscarawas County, OhioMy wife Rose and I were chatting the other day about my mother Eleanora Alexander and how much she loved BINGO and visiting new bingo halls. When I was a young boy about 10, mom bought me a pony we named Bingo because she spent her bingo winnings to purchase it. Mom would always ask us to visit so she could take us to play bingo. Although frankly, bingo wasn't my favorite pastime since I thought if it as entertainment for the old ladies in the community ;) Over the years, I suppose my attitude changed after I met other people of all ages, and even met another veteran or two. My mother has won not once, but twice, purses exceeding $10,000 in the surrounding Tuscarawas Valley region bingo halls.

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I'm Joe Rinehart and moved to Bolivar, Ohio in October 2010. I was reared in the cemetery business at Ravenna, Ohio through most of my life. I left the family cemetery business in April of 1994 when I found myself completely by accident making money on the Internet before it was commercial and was funded by the National Science Institute. The accident was that single spin CD-ROM drives were invented and I sold a collection within 24 hours on the Internet. When I discovered that the only two wholesalers in America didn't sell overseas, well, as they say, the rest is history. I became the guy that authored the very first commercial URL or Internet address to be published in a computer magazine (Oct '93 through Oct '94 in Computer Shopper).

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Kent State University Tuscarawas Campus

State University Tuscarawas County Ohio

Kent State University Tuscarawas Campus, located at 330 University Drive, NE, New Philadelphia, offers 17 associate degrees and 10 bachelor's degrees.


Economic Development and Financial Alliance of Tuscarawas County

Tuscarawas County Economic Development & Finance Alliance

Economic Development and Financial Alliance of Tuscarawas County (formerly the Port Authority) has the tools to start, grow or relocate a business in Tuscarawas county, Ohio!


Tuscarawas Convention & Visitors Bureau

Tuscarawas County Convention & Visitors BureauTuscarawas County Convention and Visitors Bureau provides travel & tourism information about Tuscarawas county, Ohio and the Tusky Valley region! 



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