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Bingo Balls in Tuscarawas County, OhioMy wife Rose and I were chatting the other day about my mother Eleanora Alexander and how much she loved BINGO and visiting new bingo halls. When I was a young boy about 10, mom bought me a pony we named Bingo because she spent her bingo winnings to purchase it. Mom would always ask us to visit so she could take us to play bingo. Although frankly, bingo wasn't my favorite pastime since I thought if it as entertainment for the old ladies in the community ;) Over the years, I suppose my attitude changed after I met other people of all ages, and even met another veteran or two. My mother has won not once, but twice, purses exceeding $10,000 in the surrounding Tuscarawas Valley region bingo halls.

In any regard, Rose thought it would be a great idea to put all the Bingo halls and information within our Tuscarawas Valley Ohio Communities Directory!  I suspect many others will agree ;) Since all of the bingo halls that I'm aware of in Ohio are raising revenue for non-profit organization or Churches, it'll be fun to do... and, we can dedicate the new bingo directory section to my mother Eleanora Alexander for stimulating the idea of creating the best bingo hall directory in Tuscarawas Valley, Ohio! We hope you enjoy it, as much as we did developing it.

Rose has all present known Bingo halls listed in the directory section "Tuscarawas county, Ohio Bingo Halls" . If we missed anyone, please let us know!

Best 'net regards,

Joe & Rose Rinehart, Web Publishers

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Tags: bingo, mother, halls, suppose, years, attitude, changed, ladies, thought, entertainment, tuscarawas, community, people

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